Faculty & Staff

Julie Berebitsky

Jessie Ball duPont Professor; Professor of History and Women's and Gender Studies
Walsh-Ellett 209 / ext. 1725

Nancy Mishoe Brennecke

Professor of Art History
Carnegie 303 / ext. 1982

Elizabeth Elkin Grammer

Assistant Professor of English
Gailor Hall 14 / ext. 1541

John Miller Grammer

Professor of English and Director of the School of Letters
Gailor Hall 17 / ext. 1483

Richard Allan O’Connor

Biehl Professor of International Studies, Chair of Anthropology
Spencer Hall 251A / ext. 1326

Sean Patrick O'Rourke

Professor of Rhetoric and American Studies and Director of the Center for Speaking and Listening
Gailor Hall 122 / ext. 1252

Celeste Ray

Professor of Environmental Arts and Humanities and Anthropology
Cleveland Annex 8 / ext. 1829

Woody Register

Chair, Department of History and Francis S. Houghteling Professor of American History
Walsh-Ellett 305 / ext. 1532

Houston Bryan Roberson (1958-2016)

Professor of History

John C. Willis

Jessie Ball duPont Professor of History
Walsh-Ellett 201 / ext. 1534

Courtney Thompson

Assistant Professor of American Studies and Women's and Gender Studies
Walsh-Ellett 317 / ext. 1471