Courtney Thompson Joins Faculty

Thompson, CourtneyCourtney Thompson earned her BA in English from Hampton University and her Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue University. She will join the faculty as an Assistant Professor of American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies in the fall.  Prior to Sewanee, she was a Visiting Assistant Professor in Africana Studies at Hamilton College and Dickinson College and a Visiting Scholar in African American Studies at the University of Houston. Her teaching interests include the African diaspora, intersectionality, American literature, and gender studies.  At Sewanee, she will teach courses such as Imagining Africa, Blackness in American Popular Culture, Black Women Activists Writing Change, Black Autobiography, and Black Masculinity in the U.S.  Dr. Thompson’s research focuses on political discourse in black women’s writings. In particular, she is interested in the relationship between Black women’s progressive politics in the U.S. and democratic reform.  She is currently working on her book manuscript, tentatively titled “We Are Fighting for Democracy: Black Women Activists and the Pursuit of All Things Equal, 1920s-Present.” The book reflects her broader research interests in the African American literary tradition, American political discourse, progressive social movements, and Black feminist theory.