Community Engaged Learning


Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is a program in the College that provides support for faculty interested in bringing the community to their classroom and their classroom to the community, both local and global. Student and faculty engagement with the community, through dialogue and service, not only fulfills the University Purpose by benefiting all those involved, but also fulfills the deeper goals of liberal learning: to educate students to smart analysis of and sensitive reflection on the social and ethical issues that they confront in their communities and neighborhoods.

CEL works in concert with Sewanee's Bonner Leaders Program to attract students committed to service leadership and support of CEL classes as a part of their undergraduate education.

Community Engagement Classes

Each semester Sewanee offers a variety of types of community-engagement classes: from art to biology and from local history to philosophy. Read about some examples of CEL classes. For the current list of community engagement classes, download the current course schedule and search for "community engagement."  

Bonner Leaders Program and Scholarships

Sewanee's Community Engaged Learning program has recently begun a partnership with the Bonner Foundation. This partnership aims to enhance community engagement and service learning at Sewanee by strengthening Sewanee's support of local community nonprofit partners as well as community-engagement classes. CEL’s community partners and classes are supported by Sewanee’s Bonner Leaders, students admitted each year who win a service scholarship that offers them the privilege and responsibility of engaging in four years of extra-curricular community service.

CEL Staff and Advisory Council

CEL Mission Statement

Pedagogical Rationale for Community Engagement Courses