General Education Courses

Students will graduate from Sewanee having developed competencies that encourage lives of service, achievement, and personal fulfillment. While growth in competencies and knowledge extends throughout every student’s four-year career, and the Sewanee experience aims to launch graduates into a life of independent learning, first and second year students begin with a set of requirements to guide their curricular choices and to encourage them to become broadly educated. The general education component of Sewanee’s curriculum teaches students specifically to:

  • Communicate effectively in writing.
  • Read critically and interpret literary works in English.
  • Use the methods of the physical or life sciences to examine the natural world.
  • Understand the nature of mathematical inquiry.
  • Create, perform, or analyze works of visual or performing art.
  • Think analytically about the past using the sources and methods of historical inquiry.
  • Understand concepts and methods of studying human behavior, culture, and society.
  • Use a foreign or classical language to apprehend another cultural world.
  • Examine philosophical texts or religious texts and practices.

The distribution requirements that students must complete before senior year aim to develop these nine academic competencies and, in addition, a required non-credit course in physical education recognizes the importance of fitness and physical health in the development of the whole person.