Medical Humanities Program

Medical humanities is a growing discipline that aligns the ideas of STEM subjects with the importance of a humanities perspective. Medical Humanities can broadly be described as an interdisciplinary field of humanities, social science, and the arts, and their influence on medical education and practice. The practical application of medicine is beyond understanding of biomolecules and how they function. An understanding of social and cultural contexts and how these impact illness allows for a comprehensive understanding of health practices and treatments. The recent change in the entrance exam to medical school to now require psychology, sociology, and humanities acknowledges that pre-health education needs to be more than math, biology, chemistry, and physics. Students need to understand humanity and how the individual interacts within society, where that society comes from, how that influences culture, which plays a large role in health outcomes. Sewanee has many courses that address these topics, as well as, new course in development. We aim to create a comprehensive program that bridges STEM, humanities, and real world clinical experiences. Current courses that a part of this emerging program are: