Office of Medical and Health Programs

The mission of the Office of Medical and Health Programs is to serve all pre-health students by creating an environment of support and opportunity through an enriching curriculum, clinical internships, expansive advising, and a strong alumni network. Sewanee’s rigorous liberal arts tradition provides students with a solid foundation, and the pre-health programming structure helps to ensure students are well prepared to access and complete the training they need to be successful. The foremost goal of the Office is to create programming that will allow Sewanee students to be competitive applicants to professional and graduate schools of their choice, and ultimately become tomorrow’s leaders in healthcare.

Director: Prof. Alyssa Summers

  • The director advises pre-medical and pre-health students.
  • The director is available during Sewanee Preview.
  • The director coordinates and leads the Hippocrates Fellows Program: a Pre-Medical Leader-Scholars Program available to incoming freshmen. For more information visit the Hippocrates Fellows page.
  • The director teaches Molecular Revolutions in Medicine, Cancer Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Genetics, Epigenetics, Introduction to Medical Humanities, and Biological and Cultural Aspects of Diabetes.
  • The director is always available for questions about our program Please review our advising information before your appointment.

Assistant Director: Prof. Cynthia Gray

  • The assistant director advises pre-medical and pre-health students.
  • The assistant director facilitates leadership and organization of student societies SHPS and SMHS.
  • The assistant director teaches Principles of Human Nutrition and Principles of Animal Nutrition and Metabolism.
  • The assistant director offers academic advising for pre-health students during open office hours and by appointment. She is always happy to answer questions about our program. Email to ask a question or to make an appointment. Please review our advising information before your appointment.  

Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee: Prof. Rich Summers

  • The chair heads the HPA committee for pre-medical students who wish to obtain a committee letter.  Juniors, seniors, and recent alumni wishing to pursue MD or DO programs should look for email communication about the process in the fall.  Personal statements should be sent to the chair in the first week of December. 
  • The chair teaches Biochemistry, Mechanistic Biochemistry, and Advanced Biochemistry.
  • The chair can be reached at Please review our advising information before your appointment.

Before Your Advising Meeting
Prior to setting up a meeting with the Office of Medical and Health Programs, please review the program page for your chosen field: