Pre-Nursing Course Paths

Nursing is a rewarding and growing field of study. Students matriculating from a liberal arts institution like Sewanee can pursue several options for post-graduate nursing education. Nursing schools offer a variety of nursing degrees from master's level (MSN) to doctoral level (DNP or PhD). Sewanee has a partnership with Vanderbilt with a strong success rate of admittance into the MSN program. Pre-nursing students are encouraged to take their psychology (PSYC 100 or 101) and biology (BIOL 133) coursework in their first year and should meet with a pre-health advisor early to determine the type of nursing specialty they are interested in and how best to plan their coursework, as different specialties require unique paths. For more information, visit the pre-nursing web page.

Pre-Pharmacy Course Path

The Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) takes most students three or more calendar years to complete, and dual Pharm.D./Ph.D. and Pharm.D./M.B.A. programs are available for those seeking more than one degree. Pre-requisite coursework for pharmacy school involves many courses in both chemistry and biology, so it is recommended that you begin the introductory series (CHEM 120/CHEM 150 and BIOL 133) of both disciplines in the first year of study. It is important to be familiar with your schools' particular prerequisite coursework and to meet with a pre-health advisor to be sure you are on the path to meet your goals. For more information, visit the pre-pharmacy web page.