Lessons for academic credit are available on most classical instruments, fiddle, guitar, and voice. Sewanee's gifted and devoted teachers (see below) offer lessons at both a basic and advanced level, corresponding with courses numbered at the 200- and 300-level, with the following characteristics:

200-level lessons

  • open to all students
  • 30-minute weekly lesson
  • one hour academic credit
  • no jury
  • P/F grading
  • $195 charge applied to tuition

300-level lessons

  • one-hour weekly lesson
  • two hours academic credit
  • jury towards end of the semester
  • normal grading (A, A-, B+ etc.)
  • open primarily to Music majors/minors
  • requires music theory (through Musc 260)
  • $495 charge applied to tuition
There are lessons scholarships available that can defray some or all of the lessons expense. Two exceptions to the fee structure are lessons in Guitar (MUSC 268, $480) and Fiddle and Carillon (MUSC 278 and 281, no charge).

Teachers currently offering lessons include:

Greg Danner; French horn

Peter Povey; violin, String Band 

Bernadette Lo; piano

Brian Mueller; percussion studies

Rebecca Murphy; flute

Alan Suska; trumpet

Jessica Usherwood; voice

Rebecca Van de Ven; oboe

Geoffrey Ward; Organ, University Choirmaster

William Yelverton; guitar